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Twenty-something , yuppie, adventurous newlyweds who are embarking on the journey of a lifetime. This blog is used to write about our life on the road and our transition from corporate American cube dwellers to laid back world travelers. We left Atlanta in August 2009 to see where our one year world adventure takes us!

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More about us below and a video from our wedding in India!

Safe travels!

A highlight video of our wedding and the surrounding days in India on February 11, 2008.

Prior Professions: Accounting Manager at Home Depot, Auditor at Ernst & Young

Would love to be: A Food Critic

Education: University of Florida, Masters in Accounting and CPA

Interesting Facts: Made a cameo on MTV in New York; shook hands with Princess Diana when she visited our elementary school in Bahrain; Captain of my high school tennis team and still beats Terry single-handedly every time he challenges her to a match.

Childhood: Grew up in Bahrain (Middle East), then moved to Florida for two years of high school and college. Family vacations each summer were to exotic and exciting locations and from a young age, she was lucky to have already visited a variety of countries including Turkey, Bangkok, Singapore, Hong Kong, India, England and Scotland.

Favorite City so far: Amsterdam, followed closely by New York
Role on the Road: Reads the guidebook on ‘things to do’, writes blog posts, scopes out places to eat, attempts to navigate around town but has problems with remembering directions and hates asking, translator and expert sign language artist (since lots of people have hard time understanding Terry).

Useful skill: Remembering names and faces of people we meet.

First thing when I land at Home: Lie on my couch for a week, pig out on ice-cream, and catch up on trashy reality shows.

Things I Miss the Most (Besides Family/Friends/Dog): High heels

Most Annoying on the Road: Showering everyday with flip flops on!

Thing I Would Change: The size of my backpack (65L Gregory Diva). I would have bought a smaller one that is more airplane friendly and less bulky.

Secretly dreams about: Warm, homemade chocolate chip cookies…mmm

Backpacker Tip: Pack clothes that can be easily dressed up or down to save space but don’t skimp on face-moisturizer and lotions – your favorite brands may be hard to come by!

Favorite Book Read on the Road: Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts

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Prior Professions: Sales National Account Manager at GE, Product Merchant at Home Depot, IT Consultant at Hewitt Consulting

Would love to be: Consumer Advocate for the Public (like Clark Howard – giving the public tips on deals, things to beware and influencing good business practices).

Education: Georgia State University, MBA

Interesting Facts: Makes his own wine (peach wine, cabernet, chardonnay, rose wine – 8 batches so far!), used to own a motorcycle, graduated high school in Hanau, Germany

Childhood: Traveled all over the states as an Army Brat (father was in the US Military), lived in Texas, Hawaii, California, Maryland, Washington, Germany, Georgia, Oklahoma, Arizona…all before the age of 16.

Favorite City/Place so far: Koh Lanta, Thailand followed by Hong Kong

Role on the Road: Carries the heavy electronics, edits and creates the blog videos, drives around, snores loudly.

Useful skill: Instinctual directional capabilities

First thing when I land at Home: Surf the internet and watch TV for 24 hours straight and order Chinese takeout – American style Chinese food is the best!

Things I Miss the Most (Besides Family/Friends): Reliable high speed internet

Most Annoying on the Road: My legs hanging off the edge of every bed; everything is small and short, I bump my head at least 5 times a day!

Thing I Would Change: I would have taken more time to plan our desired locations before we left

Secretly dreams about: Unique business ideas

Favorite Book Read on the Road: Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follet

Backpacker Tip: Make sure you pack a tripod to capture some awesome pictures!

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