Shanghai | China: Obtaining Harmony And A Fake Rolex At Yu Gardens & Bazaar

Adjacent to "Old Shanghai" area we visited Yu Garden and the surrounding Bazaar. Admission to the gardens, which are quite expansive was 40 Yuan each. Definitely a tourist destination within Shanghai, but something to...

Shanghai | China :: Funny Things We Like About CHINA (Or NOT)

All bits of culture have their little quirks...but the cultural quirks in China have quickly made lasting impressions, and leave us wondering, "Why do they do that?". For example, many Chinese men wrench their...

Guangzhou | China: National Day Parade & Celebration

During National Day in China, we were on the move, leaving Guilin on our way to Hong Kong via Guangzhou. As we lugged our increasingly weighty bags through the Guangzhou airport, we caught site...

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