Chiang Mai | Thailand: Schoolyard Takraw

Growing up, I pretty much played soccer year round, and it was my best sport, although I played basketball, baseball and a little football as well. Manali and I were walking today down the...

Chiang Mai | Thailand :: Baan Chang Elephant Park

Heading to Chiang Mai, we knew from research and conversation that one of the most interesting things to do there was have an up close experience with elephants. That was the general plan upon...

Koh Tao | Thailand: A Diver’s Delight

Manali and I had an absolutely wonderful week in Koh Tao, all the while spending a good part of each day in the six we were there earning our Advance Open Water Diver certification....

Chiang Mai | Thailand: Monk Chat

As noted earlier, Thailand is covered extensively with temples and they can literally be found on nearly every street corner. Having initially experienced temples in Thailand, we were interested to see what temples were...

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