In Bangkok, Terry and I pigged out on local Thai street food, multiple times a day.  In backpacker’s heaven, Khao San Road, you can get any delicacy you can imagine from fresh fruit shakes, falafels, pad thai to little fried quail eggs. And all for about $1 – which makes it even tastier.

Chicken Pad Thai
Chicken Pad Thai - we ate this almost every day!
Delicious Fruit Smoothies
Delicious Fruit Smoothies - 30 baht = $1!
Chocolate Banana Rotee (Pancakes)
Chocolate Banana Rotee (Pancakes), perfect for a sweet tooth!
Gyro and Falafel Stand
Gyro and Falafel Stand - another daily indulgence!
Another Fruit Stand
Another fresh fruit stand - guava, dragonfruit or papaya anyone?
Fried Quail Eggs - so cute and tiny!
Fried Quail Eggs - so cute and tiny!
All sorts of fried goodies
All sorts of fried goodies
Beef, Pork and Chicken Kebabs, awaiting the open flame
Beef, Pork and Chicken Kebabs, awaiting the open flame

Compared to most other street vendors, these on KSR in Bangkok are immaculately clean and follow the strict food guidelines. A cop usually grazes the street mulitple times in a night to ensure that all is in order and the late night munchies are still fresh.  A “must try” when you are in the city!



  1. Hey Terry mate, first I can't tell you how jealous I am!
    1. Public ferry is the best and I think only real option, they will try and make you book a room when you book the ferry, as usual it's not really necessary but if your happy with a price take it I guess, get a room on Phi Phi Don and leave your bags there then at the pier where you arrive you will notice loads of longtail boats and a small hut that's where you hire a boat from and we did it twice but I would say the best way is… Hire the boat all day and go see Maya bay (where they filmed the beach) some lagoons nearby and do some snorkeling between Phi Phi and bamboo then have him drop you off and pick you up the next day.

    The boat driver will sort a tent out on the island with the rangers there and if you fancy it there is a very small community of fishermen who will sell you fish and the rangers will help you cook it, it does seem like a lot of effort but it actually works really easily and your boatman should look after you. I will say this take plenty of booze and a torch because when the lights go out its dark and we took some sangsom and got drunk with the fishermen… Brilliant night! The rangers do have a small shop where you can buy things but probably best to take them with and our boatman even lent us snorkels.

    Cost wise the boat was 3000b and the tent was 500b and national park fee 200b… Try and get some other people in to split the cost but it really is worth it! There is a small roped off area just off the beach and inside that is some of the best snorkel coral i've ever seen! Get up for sunrise and have a wicked time!!!

    • Thanks Aaron! I've already started to lobby with Manali to take a night on Bamboo Island. She's not that intrigued in beach camping, and party it's my fault as I mentioned something I read online about beach rats. 😉 We got hooked up with round trip tickets over to Phi Phi Don from Phuket for 600 Baht, picking us up at our hotel in Patong Beach. Seems worth it, after we paid 500 Baht to get from Bangtao to Patong. Excited to get to Phi Phi, and will try and shoot a note to let you know how it worked out. Thanks again!

  2. Hey TB, you can also rent kayaks and go kayaking to the Maya Island..or take a speed boat there. Its pretty cool..I did it last Dec…lotsa places to snorkel around there and then head to Phi Phi! I am sure you guys are having a blast!

  3. Any idea how to make the delicious fried chicken they sell on the streets of Patong Beach? Or a name oof the dish? There's something sooo tasty they do with the chicken there and my boyfriend is oobsessed.