Since we are packing up and heading out next week for our “Around the World” adventure (eek!), we have been trying to clear out the pantry and fridge by only cooking with the ingredients we have… luckily, I had enough yummy items to conjure up the BEST and relatively healthy banana bread!

I enhanced this recipe by adding walnuts and turbinado sugar to make a “crust” on top, chopped dates and mini chocolate chips!  Whoa!



  1. We are doing this RIGHT now. This is our last week before packing up and I am cooking up creative meals using minimal ingredients. By the way, I am also an Indian girl married to a white guy (Patrick) and we used to live in Atlanta for many years. Unfortunately, we are no longer twenty-somethings which makes me very very sad. We are hitting the road in three weeks and our first stop is Sydney – Maybe we'll see you on the road!

  2. Hi Manali + Terry! I just spent the past several minutes watching your wedding video on the About Us page, and am busy wiping away the tears. Your wedding looked stunning! 🙂

    We can't wait to keep up with your trip. Happy travels! 🙂