On our way back to Melbourne, we stopped a night at the Grampians National Park, a huge forest of gum trees with abundant wildlife and years of aboriginal history.

Scenic View - Grampians National Park, Australia

Apparently, hundreds of koalas make their home in this forest, but we were yet to see any of them, they were really difficult to find!

Bambuk - Aboriginal Cultural Center

The aboriginal culture centre was especially informative and you could sign up for boomerang classes or traditional aboriginal painting and learn about the native history. The town of Halls Gap itself is a gap in the forest, covered with vegetation and slightly damp most of the year, but a great place to start any of the treks through the vast park. The various lookouts strewn through the park were steep and dramatic – you can see trees for miles and miles!

Wild Kangaroos Boxing - Grampians National Park, Australia

A great park to relax and become one with the rich nature that envelops you and makes you forget that you are only 90 minutes from the big city!

Wild Kangaroos - Grampians National Park, Australia

Wild Kangaroo - Grampians National Park, Australia



  1. I love Koala bears and kangaroos! How are you guys? Still enjoying your travels i hope. I tweeted to you that I was pregnant. You may not have gotten it. So I wanted to let you know on here that MIke and I are expecting. Due date is Oct 24th. Hope you both are well! We miss you.