When you’re on a budget, have plenty of time to spare and don’t mind a little adventure, trains in China might be your best bet the next time you travel. Our trip from Shanghai to Beijing was ideal on the overnight sleeper train, but if you are really adventurous or slightly insane you can hop onto the inter connected Trans-Siberian Railway, and get into distances over 8,000 Kilometers and countless days.

Cost: $46 USD (306 RMB) for Hard Sleeper from Shanghai to Beijing
Distance: 914 Miles (1,463 Kilometers)
Time: ~13 Hours (22:00 Departure)

Website (unofficial but good info): http://www.seat61.com/China.htm



    • Haha, the worst part about it was that I couldn't stretch my toes when I laid on my stomach. I hate that! Luckily the folks in our cabin were kind and friendly, making it a nice trip. When you are in China, you quickly realize your close occupancy traveling partners are a critical detail to your own comfort and enjoyment. We have been very lucky to date.