Listening to NPR this morning on my way into work, there was a story on a very interesting form of commute that has developed in the Washington D.C. area, termed Slugging.

From their official website, “It’s unique because people commuting into the city stop to pickup other passengers even though they are total strangers! However, slugging is a very organized system with its own set of rules, proper etiquette, and specific pickup and drop-off locations. It has thousands of vehicles at its disposal, moves thousands of commuters daily, and the best part, it’s FREE!”.

I initially thought, only in America, but this actually reminds me of the Publicos native to Puerto Rico. Manali and I went on a backpacking trip and took a Publico from San Juan to Fajardo. We sat in a cramped van, driven by a gentleman who thought he was Tony Stewart. Our fellow passengers transporting goods, such as livestock and TVs, just as us and my unlucky backpack, paid the $3 for the trip, er adventure.

Check out their site: Slugging


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