We had no idea what to book for campervans, had no suggestions from others and since it was the busy season and relatively urgent, we pretty much blindly booked a vehicle a few months before our arrival with Britz. The administration and paperwork at the office was a nightmare at 8am and the company insisted that until you return your vehicle, they would charge a ridiculous $7500 on your credit card for excess liability. No where on the website or confirmation print out does it mention that little important fact, so beware of the large charge; unless you want to instead pay $40 /day additional insurance cost. A little shady on the Britz front since none the dozens of other people in the office that day picking up their cars had that much available credit and were coerced into that extra expense.

Britz Campervan Rear View - Tasmania, Australia

The van (Toyota Hiace with a Hi Top) itself was immaculate, well equipped (we even had a cheese grater), and laid out perfectly. We had a microwave, mini fridge, two gas burners, a medium sized sink with running water and ample storage space. I think it may have been bigger than many studio apartments in New York and Scottish cottages!

Manali Sitting In Britz Campervan - Tasmania, Australia

Overall, it was roomy for two people, we could both stand up inside and although slower than a typical car and with a full tank costing $70, it still definitely saved us some bucks rather than paying for two people in backpacker dorms as well as a car rental. Also, having the kitchen facilities inside the car (unlike the smaller campers with the gas cooker out the back – terrible in windy situations by the beach), it made it easy to make simple home-cooked healthy meals any time of the day. Apart from the administration nightmare, Britz is the way to go for a luxurious campervan experience!

Britz Campervan Kitchen Area - Tasmania, Australia



  1. might consider this plan for sizing down here instead of Westover – something to think about – please don't tell Hillary or Monica lets keep it our secret have fun