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Taking Europe by Train :: A Eurail Story

We absolutely LOVE train travel in Europe! If you are visiting the continent, you won’t get a true depiction of European lifestyle without taking...

Shanghai | China :: Blue Mountain Youth Hostel Review

Blue Mountain had a great location, directly across the street from the Luban Road metro stop on line 4 in Shanghai. The importance of...

Koh Phi Phi | Thailand: A Piece of Paradise

Following stints in Bangkok, Chiang Mai and Phuket, we were anxious to get a taste of remote island life. Sure, Phuket is technically an...

Wellington | New Zealand :: The Windy Capital City

Wellington, the windy political capital city of New Zealand, is situated overlooking a picturesque harbor with colonial homes perched on the surrounding hillside. The...

Hong Kong | China: Mid Autumn Festival

One of the most important holidays on the Chinese Calendar, is a celebration dating back 3,000 years, when a gentleman named Chang'e was lifted...

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