Every so often you come across a true artist, capable of entertaining and dazzling a crowd of onlookers through a rare talent to perform and captivate. The Turkish Ice Cream Guy was one of these types of people, and during our stay in Singapore we were lucky enough to watch his craft for a short time. The Turkish Ice Cream Guy is still number two though, behind The Bush Man, a legend of Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco. Some day though, just maybe…


  1. this arakadesh is great bro~~
    nice VID~~~ a short laughter at work!!! thanks you guys!

    the BUSH MAN~~~ Terry.. we got video footage of him too when we went up there~ should upload that portion of the VIDEO~

    where you guys at right now? I will be headin to the phillippines dec 25 ~ jan 02

    much luv

    • Yes, the Bush Man! Remember that guy scared the crap out of us!?! Great times! Have a good trip to the Philippines! You can check on the right side of our blog in the "Where Are We Now?" section…but we are currently in Ubud. Headed to Kuta Beach for Christmas, and on to Sydney for New Years. Much love brother!


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